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Rate My Professors. com

December 17, 2014

There are some professors who are actually scared of that website as if administration really cares what lies (and truths) students tell about their teachers. If a student leaves one negative remark, some teachers leave five good ones to compensate. It’s nutty. Anyone can see through it.

I’m sure that I get frequent negative remarks. I don’t care. I’m tenured, and I seriously doubt that any negative remarks could  trigger a tenure review that would result in my losing tenure and then losing my job. An inquiry would have to be initiated outside the department because the graduate faculty members in universities are like cops: we protect our own. That’s why we turned our heads when a  department chair was appointed despite the fact that his wife was also a professor in the department. There were probably a few remarks about nepotism on the website, but I doubt anyone noticed or cared.

I haven’t looked at the site in years, but others do. Occasionally, I’ll hear someone complain about an unfair remark. Most pretend that they don’t look at their ratings, but I am sure that a lot of them do. Insecurity runs rampant in academia, but only among the competent, so few in this department have cause for insecurity. Our department is probably the worst in the whole state system.



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