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The Transgender Thing

January 26, 2013

I don’t get it. More and more campuses are getting on the transgender band wagon and providing transgender housing and neutral gender toilets and combinations of the two. The professionally gay professor in the department circulated a link to a webpage among the department faculty from a university that provides not just a male, a female, and a family toilet (!) but a “neutral gender toilet as well.

Thinking about transgenderism and neutral genderism gives me a headache because, well, I don’t think about it much. The part of my brain that deals with idiotic issues doesn’t get much exercise. It may have atrophied.

In fact, I didn’t think about it until I obliged the professionally gay professor and read the article, just in case he asked me about it. (Why would a gay male even care about transgender issues, anyway? Why would anyone but a transgendered person and school administrators care either?).

I still don’t get it. If a woman wants to dress and look like a man, let him/her use the men’s toilet. Go to the cubicle, close the door, and do what he/she has to do and be done with it. If a guy wants to look, dress, and act like a woman, let him use the women’s toilet. Who’s going to know anyway? Who is going to care? It’s idiotic.

The housing issue is a problem. I can see that. But as long as nobody knows that Joe is really Jo, and he/she has no roommate (or his/her roommate is transgender too) who would know?

There are a couple of faculty in the department that (since I read the article) I am beginning to have my doubts about. Maybe they’d like to have a neutral gender toilet in the department.

Actually, I’d like to see a couple of neutral gender toilets installed in the department as long as it doesn’t encroach upon my large office space. The school could take the Teachers’ Assistants’ office and turn it into a neutral gender toilet. That’d be wonderful. I’d use it. The nearest men’s toilet is down the hall and around the corner, and it’d be wonderful not to have to make that journey a couple of times a day. I don’t think my using the neutral gender toilet would breach legal or ethical boundaries. Some folks might wonder what’s going on, but that’s nobody’s business.

As long as UWife sticks around, I’m good. (Yeah, she works here too, but in a different department).

I might even propose a new rule: Don’t ask. Don’t tell. AND DON’T LOOK.

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