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January 13, 2013

The first week after Christmas is usually a waste because half of the students take an extra couple of days’ vacation. This is especially prevalent among MWF freshman writing classes (which I abhor). Then, when they wake up sometime around midterm and the first papers become due, the whining starts.

“I didn’t get a syllabus.”

“I transferred into this class late. I didn’t get one either.”

That means that I’ve got to print out more the damned things for students who won’t even show up for the next class.

Speaking of making copies: we’re on a tight budget for paper. Most of the teachers in the department distribute assignments printed out on 1/4 size paper and smaller. One professor (who makes a whopping n$150,000.00 per year printed out assignments that accommodated  1″ strips of printer paper and had the secretary cut them out. For good measure, he had her punch holes in them so they’d fit into a three-ring binder so the students wouldn’t lose the assignment.  The jackass grad fac prof could afford to buy a $4.00 pack of paper instead of wasting the department secretary’s time. She’s got more things to do: things like paint her fingernails, pick her nose, and brush her hair, and occasionally answer the phone when she isn’t hiding in the bathroom.

We get complaints about the limited number of classes available to students registered to our department, especially the freshman classes and the graduate students’ classes. The idiot department chair and the graduate program “coordinator” think that certain classes shouldn’t be made known to everyone via the online registration process. Students who want more than freshman writing and Introduction to Literature (and a few other courses) must find someone in the department to give him a copy of the complete department curriculum. At one time, we kept copies of the curriculum in the small department lobby, but after word got out that one merely needed to look on top of the book case for it, we quit doing that.  This helps to keep classes small and manageable. One year, a prof had three students for one class that spent the entire semester discussing “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”. It was a Wednesday, three-hour, once per week class that usually got out early. Some of these profs play the system. I predict that she’ll become department chair in time.



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