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Have a Nice Winter Break? Anonymous University Professor Wants to Know.

January 7, 2013

Good thing I thought about it. Today classes did resume for the MWF one-hour classes. God, how I hate them. Students usually show up for those classes because their attention spans are short and the fifty minutes is about all they can take.

Sure enough, I am one final paper short for that freshman class. Worse, the kid came in to pick it up and see his grade. I told him that I didn’t get his paper (which is probably true because I made no grade entry). When I showed him the sign-in sheet for his class, there was only one signature on it: Isabella’s. He swore up and down that he came to class that day. I asked him which desk he sat in. he couldn’t remember whether he sat in the front or the back. This was a convenient lapse of memory on his part because sometimes I conduct class in a circular room where the desks are arranged in a circle.

I told him that if he could produce another paper from his flash drive, I’d take a look at it.

Fair enough.

Nope. He left it at home in another state.

Can you get someone to send it to you within a week?

Probably not. He didn’t go to the family’s house. Everyone convened in the family ski cabin where nobody goes until Christmas vacation.

I told him that in that case, He has until Friday to write a new paper.


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