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January 5, 2013

The holidays seem to get shorter and shorter every year. It’ll be back to the old bullshit again in a few days.

This is when the graduate assistants start jockeying for position. They start rumors, connive among themselves, and engage in the most asinine posturing imaginable. They all want to teach in their second year of graduate school. The out-of-state students are almost always considered first– regardless of ability– as long as they don’t have a southern accent. The in-state students’ fate for the second year (and the continuation of their contract) is based solely upon which grad fac member pushes the hardest. The graduate student program “coordinator” usually has the final say. Each year we screw over at least one graduate assistant solely to make it appear as though we actually have some sort of standards. I suppose that’s okay. That’s how it goes in the outside world. Life isn’t fair there, so why should it be fair here?

The smart ones whose contracts are canceled usually just say buhbye, mumble “fuck you”, and that’s it unless somebody feels like the student doesn’t even “belong” in graduate school. That’s when the dirt comes up. The next semester, grad facs try to force the kid to quit because they don’t want him to poison the incoming graduate students. That’s a good experience for the student that will prepare him for life in the outside world. In college life, it’s not what you know that counts. It’s what you don’t know and whom you DO know. It makes all the difference between two years of educational bliss (provided, of course that you’re not one the grad students who gets a free ride and doesn’t have to show up for class or assistantship meetings, or tend to the mundane duties associated with college assistantships).

But yeah. The ones who get screwed eventually leave , get higher paying jobs in the private sector, and apply what they’ve learned as grad students to the hiring process and keep the weaklings (who actually belong in the teaching profession)  out of the multimillion dollar corporations. People shouldn’t take these things personally. It’s just Darwinism and natural selection.

Okay, it isn’t truly natural selection unless the right people are selected. When it happens to the wrong ones, it’s called a REALITY CHECK.

Reality hurts. So get over it, I always say.


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