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Anonymous University Professor : Face Book!

December 24, 2012

I think it’s hilarious that Instagram (a company that’s somehow intertwined with Face Book) supposedly intends to use Face Book users’ “private” photos for commercial use. Why the hell would anyone want to put any of that stuff up for the world to see anyway? So now people are screaming about unfair use.

Serves them all right.

I have a Face Book account. I use it for finding out things about students and newly-hired lecturer-level teachers.Whenever I am given the application of a graduate student to evaluate, the first thing I do is look on Facebook. Most of them have public accounts. Most of them include photos of them horse-faced during summer break. Lots of girls’ boob shots and pictures of guys chug-a-lugging beer and tequila.

Since the department is desperate for graduate students, we accept everyone (even applicants whose undergrad studies are in a totally unrelated field). If they apply for a scholarship and an assistantship, they’re usually awarded one. Nobody ever brings up the topic of the applicants’ Facebook accounts. It might be because almost all of the grad fac has had at one time an active Facebook account that showed photos that they eventually regretted. One of our lecturers got picked up by a men’s magazine and later regretted it, despite the fact that she got a nice chunk of cash and a promotional tour out of it. The administration didn’t like it. The dean said that he wouldn’t stand for blatant immorality. He forced her to resign. I guess that discreet immorality is okay with him. He shtuped his married secretary in his office for a few years before he got hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit.


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