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Anonymous University Professor–UProfessor

December 12, 2012

Good Ol’ Isabella came through. her paper looks good. She’ll be the only A student this semester.She doesn’t whine and cry about her grades like so many of the grade-obsessed, self-entitled little morons in this department. Okay, her writing isn’t the greatest, but it shows improvement, and her ideas are original. Sometimes they miss the mark. Sometimes they’re right on-target. What matters is that she’s learning something. The other little nitwits learn nothing except that if they whine and cry to to enough faculty (and to the right faculty) they’ll  be awarded an A for their drivel. I haven’t nominated anyone for a scholarship for a few years. I think I’ll put one in for her. She’s a good kid.

We’ve got a real jackass on the grad fac who will accept anyone into the graduate program with a full scholarship and an assistantship if the kid is from his home state. We’ve had to endure some real yoyo’s through the years because, inevitably, they’re picked up for three-year teaching contracts when they should have been cut loose upon graduation. We got a real doozy several years ago who was a psycho. She cried at the drop of a hat. She couldn’t take any sort of criticism, and she was , generally, out-of-control. She trashed her fellow class mates, made up insane stories about them, and did everything she could do to ruin them. Faculty loves to witness this behavior at such a low level because it parallels what goes on in the “permanent” faculty. The nutcases whose jobs are protected by tenure engage in the same sort of thing. In fact, they enable this behavior. I’ve seen some competent grad assistants get burned by both the grad fac and by their fellow graduate assistants/teacher assistants.

About “:permanent” faculty. Here, one may possess only an MA degree but be termed a “permanent” employee by the state. This came as a surprise to me a couple of years ago. Tenure is b*llshit. Here, one is much better off if he is a dim bulb and a non-threat to the status quo.

Like my dearest Isabella.


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